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Keeping you up to date with some of the more interesting and unusual projects rolling out of the workshop. From a hand painted sign to a 3 dimennsional sculpture I like to try it all!



As the request for more hand painted work has increased I recently completed another traditional sign for Mildenhall Butchers. Adrian, the new owner, was keen to give his business an image that befits a family run establishment. Adrian also asked me to design his new business cards. Thankful to be able to help.

A big thank you to my colleagues at Impress Graphics for fitting the sign.

mildenhall butchers sign butcher close up peachey main

Over the years a few local businesses have been willing to invest in a sign that involves a hand crafted element.

Skills involved in these signs include hand painting, gilding, carving and (hopefully) good design!

signs-of-mildenhall barbers inc shop italia 1 carved-and-gilded hand-painted work-in-progress