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H signs is proud to be a member of the Village Sign Society, a dedicated group

who over the years have compiled a photographic record of the vast number of village signs throughout the UK. For information on planning your village sign project please visit www.villagesignsociety.org.uk 

castle donington village sign full size

Village signs have now become an important part of my business.

For me making a village sign represents the perfect combination of sign making skills. The creation and production of a village sign utilises a range of skills including hand painting, carving and gilding.


You will notice how every village sign is unlike the next. Great care is taken in the design process to create a unique sign. It is always important that every sign created is a unique representation of each village

All village sign projects are created working closely with parish councils, district councils, resident and church associations. Each sign is a collaboration resulting in a sign that reflects the community it represents.

castle donington village sign

The creation of a village sign involves many stages.

After a site visit and meeting the client, the design process begins with several design skteches. When the final design is agreed a full colour drawing is presented for approval. The production begins with a "pattern" from which the mould is made for casting. Once cast the sign is lovingly painted to a high standard before beilg installed for all to see.

You can see the amount of work and effort involved in making these wonderful signs.

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A sign can be framed in different ways. They can be a solid "enclosed" sign with no frame or with a wooden or iron frame. Adding a frame adds a significant cost to a budget. On a personal note I prefer no frame simply because I like to create a one piece sign. However variety is the spice of life!

quendon in progress IMG_0089

Although GRP (fibre glass) is the preferred material for creating village signs I also use traditional carving for wooden signs. All commissions undertaken.